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Casey’s Law

At A Center For Change / Jenkie’s Journey, we understand how difficult it is when it comes to addiction, especially when one is seeing their close loved ones going through it. Often times, families feel helpless, worried, fearful, for the lives of their loved ones. These family members often do not have the proper information or tools on how to help their loved ones through this process.

Kasey’s Law can be a beneficial tool for these concerned family members. Kasey’s Law is a petition that takes place in the courts of Kentucky to help your loved one get involuntary treatment for their substance use disorder. These steps for this petition can be found at: https://caseyslaw.org/caseys-law-ky-steps/.

At A Center For Change / Jenkie’s Journey, we are striving to be a helpful resource in this area. We can help families by offering assessments for their loved one or even outpatient or inpatient treatment. As a family member, you can reach out to us via the telephone numbers listed on this website or contact us on our live chat as well on this website.

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